“Aircargo Transport: Reliable Throughout Europe”

Aircargo Transport: Reliable Throughout Europe!

Aircargo Transport is an International Transport Service Provider with a strong European network. Our focus is on air cargo trucking and special 'high value shipments'. We do this all over Europe. Our strength? Aircargo Transport is reliable, flexible and innovative.

Aircargo Transport has over thirty years of experience - unique in the air cargo trucking industry. Your goods are in good hands. Besides reliable trucking from A to B, you can also count on us for our 'Value Added Services'. What does that mean? We can provide you with critical, real-time information about our vehicles and their location 24 hours a day. With advanced equipment we can convert static information into dynamic information. Based of this data we can estimate the arrival time of your cargo to within the minute. This 'Estimated Time of Arrival' is continually updated, so you know where you stand as our client. We're eager to lend a helping hand.

To comply with the newest safety regulations regarding Air Freight, we are registered as regulated agent for Air Freight. Therefore, we are registrated in the register of the German 'Luftfahrt Bundesamt', LBA. The registration number is: DE/RA/00978-01.

greenfootprint aircargo transport

100% carbon-neutral shipments by Aircargo Transport GmbH

The climate is in constant change. (Air) cargo transport results in CO₂emissions, which can have a negative impact on the environment. Aircargo Transport GmbH limits CO₂emissions as much as possible by using vehicles that conform to the latest and strictest environmental standards. In addition, personnel training and state-of-the-art systems are used to ensure that efficiency is as high as it can be, reducing emissions of harmful gases to the lowest possible level. Aircargo Transport GmbH is always on the lookout for initiatives to support its sustainable strategy.

However, we believe that with your help, we could achieve an even greater CO₂reduction: by having your goods transported using the Aircargo Transport GmbH Green Footprint service, a concept developed in association with the firm First Climate in which CO₂emissions are compensated through investments in renewable-energy projects. The total amount of CO₂for the relevant route is calculated based on the number of kilometres driven and the weight of your goods; subsequently, you can decide how much CO₂you would like to compensate by buying credits (1 credit costs about 9 euros, depending on the type of project, and compensates 1 tonne of CO₂). Aircargo Transport GmbH will administer records of the CO₂emissions at its own expense.

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