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100% carbon-neutral shipments by Aircargo Transport GmbH


The climate is in constant change. (Air) cargo transport results in CO₂emissions, which can have a negative impact on the environment. Aircargo Transport GmbH limits CO₂emissions as much as possible by using vehicles that conform to the latest and strictest environmental standards. In addition, personnel training and state-of-the-art systems are used to ensure that efficiency is as high as it can be, reducing emissions of harmful gases to the lowest possible level. Aircargo Transport GmbH is always on the lookout for initiatives to support its sustainable strategy.


However, we believe that with your help, we could achieve an even greater CO₂reduction: by having your goods transported using the Aircargo Transport GmbH Green Footprint service, a concept developed in association with the firm First Climate in which CO₂emissions are compensated through investments in renewable-energy projects. The total amount of CO₂for the relevant route is calculated based on the number of kilometres driven and the weight of your goods; subsequently, you can decide how much CO₂you would like to compensate by buying credits (1 credit costs about 9 euros, depending on the type of project, and compensates 1 tonne of CO₂). Aircargo Transport GmbH will administer records of the CO₂emissions at its own expense.


Aircargo Transport GmbH Green Footprint

Through the Green Footprint, Aircargo Transport GmbH offers you an opportunity for socially responsible, sustainable enterprise. The projects that are funded reduce the amount of CO₂released into the atmosphere by replacing the traditional fossil fuels with sustainable energy. Examples of these projects include hydroelectricity plants, windmill farms, solar panels, biogas, and composting projects. All of the projects conform to a strict set of requirements, and are selected by First Climate and inspected by independent agencies. Aircargo Transport GmbH keeps track of the total amount of CO₂you have compensated, and at regular intervals you will receive a certificate demonstrating your climate-neutral enterprise in collaboration with Aircargo Transport GmbH.


If this piques your interest and you would like to participate in climate-neutral enterprise, please fill out the Aircargo Transport GmbH Green Footprint contact formular down below. If you have any questions or would like further information, you are welcome to contact us by phone on +49-2828 915 00, or by e-mail at greenfootprint@aircargo-transport.eu.


Green Footprint