SERVICE - flexible and innovative!

Every cargo is different. We take this into account. This starts with the equipment. Because every cargo requires a different transportation approach, our trailers come in several different variations, such as tilt trailers, refrigerated trailers and box trailers. Our box trailers are equipped with special locks, which allow them to be used for high value transport: the driver can lock and unlock the rear doors from inside the cabin.

Flexibility is essential, especially when dealing with aviation. We understand this all too well. That is why you can call us, at any time of day or night, and we can see to your request within an hour. We can also provide custom arrangements; individual transport services, specifically tailored to your needs. We are continually working with our clients to find innovative ways of working together.
Aircargo Transport is here for you. That’s what we call service.

What do we do? Let's go through our activities:

Air Cargo Trucking Services

Transporting cargo from airport-to-airport, airport-to-door or door-to-airport

Scheduled Services

Fixed routes through all of Europe, including new member states

Dedicated Trucking Services

Here, a vehicle (truck with trailer) with a fixed driver is provided for a certain regular customer. The customer independently schedules this truck and driver for certain trips

Courier Services

Sometimes speed is essential. In these cases we provide a double crew, which allows drivers to alternate shifts and continue driving. Or we can switch trucks halfway.

High Value Transport

Extra secured transport, monitored 24/7; your cargo is extremely safe.

Temperature Controlled Transport (GDP)

Temperature sensitive products require special care, to ensure the quality will in no way be diminished. Flowers, fruit, fish, even non-food products that require a specific temperature – all these and more can be transported in our refrigerated trailers.