Welcome to Aircargo Transport GmbH

Aircargo Transport is an International Transport Service Provider with a strong European network. Our focus is on air cargo trucking and special β€˜high value shipments’. We do this all over Europe. Our strength? Aircargo Transport is reliable, flexible and innovative.

Our Service

Aircargo Transport has over fourty years of experience – unique in the air cargo trucking industry. Your goods are in good hands. Besides reliable trucking from A to B, you can also count on us for our β€˜Value Added Services’. What does that mean? We can provide you with critical, real-time information about our vehicles and their location 24 hours a day. With advanced equipment we can convert static information into dynamic information. Based of thais data we can estimate the arrival time of your cargo to within the minute. This β€˜Estimated Time of Arrival’ is continually updated, so you know where you stand as our client. We’re eager to lend a helping hand.